"Lift me up to the Stars"

"For the first time in his life, Grenouille realized that he had no smell of his own. He realized that all his life he had been a nobody to everyone. What he now felt was the fear of his own oblivion. It was a though he did not exist."
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“I said to Viggo, ‘I’m gonna put the camera down the hillside a little bit. Can you try to kick the helmet close to the lens? Because it will look great if it just flies past us.’”

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FAIRYTALE MEME: 1/5 magical objects


Mirrors in fairytales can stand for both vanity and metaphorical reflection. According to ancient customs, the mirror is the magic porthole by which a person is linked to their reflection. In extension, the belief that demons have no reflection was helpful when peasants suspected someone of being a vampire. For example, the connotation that Snow White’s stepmother could not see her own self in a mirror (since she had to ask the mirror how she looked) makes her all the more evil a force to be reckoned with.

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Easy Virtue:Rome PhotoCall

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439-442. Mercury Fastening His Heel-Wings by François Rude - Musée du Louvre, Paris

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Dianna Agron + Headlock filming

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sailor moon graphic meme: [2/4] outers

↳haruka tenoh/sailor uranus

Let’s see…I’m not exactly sure what “ordinary” happiness would be, but I don’t think my current self is “abnormal.” What I am now is closest to my true self. That’s what I think. Haruka Tenoh, who fell in love with motor sports, can only live in this manner, no matter what she does. I have something more valuable than “ordinary” happiness.